Reading the "Results" page
Getting more out of the results page

A brief scan of the information posted within each of your results can help you to quickly determine if the specific page it links to is relevant and worth a click.

Not all engines display results the same way and many offer options for setting how the results will be displayed, allowing you to contol how much information about the webpages is displayed. 

Commonly, the display of a result will start with some text from the title or first line of the related webpage and then some other text from the page. There will also usually be a date the page was created and sometimes what language the page is in. 

One of the most useful and common bits of information displayed is the URL (internet address) of the page. 

Example: will tell you that this is probably a webpage from the Apple company website (  What’s more, if you go to this webpage you can truncate the URL bit by bit to surf back up the website categories until you find a category that might be of interest to you.  Truncating the URL to will probably get you up into the category of accessories.......truncating the URL to will probably get you up into the category of notebooks.....etc.